About Us

EVERINA is a fashion brand that provides chic, ethical fashion while empowering artisans (especially in Indonesia) and influencing community. Our founder, Emelie was born-and-raised in Indonesia and passionate about people and building a fruitful community.

Growing up, during vacations or school-trips to lush islands of Indonesia (Sumatra, Bali and Sulawesi), Emelie was fascinated by artisan-crafts that was made to be meaningful and useful, in the first place. She saw that artisans use a mixture of materials and techniques; from cotton and ikat, teak wood and carving to rattan and weaving - and many more.

After moving to DC Metro area in 2003 then to California, she discovered love for Indonesian & artisan-made goods and fashion, and a huge potential it has to be useful for Americans. Together with Emelie's husband, Andy, Everina was established in Winter 2017.

Emelie believes that creative & hardworking artisans should be able to live a life of their dreams where they can support their family, develop their creativity & flourish. We believe our work is a ministry and has a purpose to be a blessing for the community around us - whether it is in America and outside.

Our Goals

  • Provide fashionable and ethical fashion
  • Bring accessories that were made in respect of people and the planet aka socially responsible 
  • Empower  of life of artisans around the world
  • Expose creative and fashionable goods from all over the world, with a focus on Indonesia

Our Values
Love + Empower + Creativity + Equality + Growth


How Do We Empower our Artisans

  • We sourced our artisan-made goods fairly - from fair price, making sure the working conditions are healthy and safe and use non-toxic materials
  • We partner with New York based non-profit organization, NEST, who actively engage in artisan programs to enhance the quality of life of creative artisans
  • We are an incubator of Indonesian government trade development agency (www.itpcla.com). Together, committed in sharpening artisans skills, help them to thrive and promote Indonesia's best artisans goods